TS-700 Rifle

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TS-700 Precision Rifle

The TS-700 rifle utilizes the LRI Tier 1 Accurized Remington 700 action and a fluted or standard Benchmark steel barrel, inside a Magpul Hunter 700 chassis to create the do-everything precision rifle. Whether you want a rifle that will ring steel or drop a deer in it's tracks, this is a solution that is capable and affordable.


Chassis: Magpul Hunter 700 chassis

LRI Tier 1 Accurized Remington M700 Package:

  • Receiver ring helically bored concentric to bore centerline.
  • Receiver Ring Thread milled to a gauged 1.085x16 threads per inch standard.
  • Higbee lead thread feature added.
  • Receiver ring face machined square to bore centerline.
  • Lug abutments machined square to bore centerline.
  • Drilled for dual recoil lug index pins.
  • LRI SS .312" "Tombstone" recoil lug.
  • Bolt lugs machined square to bolt body.
  • Bolt face machined parallel to bolt lugs and square to bolt body
  • Timed and TIG welded/Silver soldered bolt handle.
  • Receiver scope base holes helically bored and thread milled to 8-40.
  • Helically fluted bolt body.
    *ALL receiver work performed on a 5 axis Kitamura vertical machining center.
    *All bolt work performed on a Hardinge Model HL tool room lathe.

Barrel:  Fluted or Standard Steel Benchmark Barrel

Cerakote Finish: Microslick finish on interior of the action. Barrel and action cerakoted Black.

Accessories: Includes Tactical Supply Bipod, EGW 20MOA Scope base, American Rifle Company M-10 Rings, one Alpha Type II magazine

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