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RMR Cap Trijicon Tactical Supply

Can't afford a Trijicon RMR cause you spend all your money on strippers and blow....not a problem.  Perhaps you just aren't that good to shoot the Open class....not a problem  Or perhaps there's some rule or regulation in your particular genre of shooting that prohibits illuminated sights....lame....but not a problem,  With the Tactical Supply RMR cap, you can go from illuminated RMR back to iron sights in a jiffy.  We offer a couple different variants to accommodate OEM Glock 9/40/.357 Sig, OEM M&P Fullframe 9/40, Slide Lightened Glock 9/40/.357 Sig, and Slide Lightened M&P Fullframe 9/40.  We can do some others but you gotta give us a jingle to make that happen.

Any color as long as it's black.  Special colors by request.

Note:  Add Slide Lighten to your cart in the Handgun section to really set your gun apart.

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