March 2015 Precision Rifle Shooter's Jamboree Results

March 15, 2015

A big THANK YOU to all the shooters and the sponsors of the March 2015 Precision Rifle Shooter's Jamboree! We had a great match that included clear sunny skies, and then relentless winds, and then calm rain. Shooters as far away as Nevada and South Dakota came for the match, and we all had a great time learning a lot, ringing steel, and making new friends. American Rifle Co.'s Mausingfield action proved itself this weekend, with all of the top three spots going to shooters running the next-generation action.

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Here are the results from the March 2015 Precision Rifle Shooter's Jamboree:

1st Place: Matt Medearis
2nd Place: Chad Dixon
3rd Place: Scott Marquez
4th Place: Brock Gasper
5th Place: Casey Balkenbush

6th: Charles Mohseni
7th: Ted Karagais
8th: Jeremy Phillips- 1st Place .308
9th: Jolyn Medearis
10th: JD Olney
11th: Judah Rancourt
12th: Brian Urban
13th: Bryce Hess
14th: Joe Evans
15th: Seth Gardner
16th. Kevin R.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the sponsors:
-Proof Research
-Thunderbeast Arms Corp
-American Rifle Co
-Flatline Ops
-Longrifles Inc
-Dynamic Metals
-Sunrise Tactical
-Tactical Supply
-The Range

We look forward to seeing you all at the next match in June!

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