Tactical Supply Group
[tak-ti-kuhl] [suh-plahy] [groop]

Origin: Yakima, WA, 2009


1. Type-A, Patriot-minded individuals never satisfied with conventional designs or offerings, always pushing the limits of new designs.

2. A crafty bunch providing firearm customization services, proprietary firearm and shooting accessories, world-class Cerakote finishes, industry-leading precision rifles, and advanced firearms instruction.

3. Blend seamlessly into both urban and rural environments as silent professionals with multi-faceted firearm skills.

4. Often question authority and always looking for a challenge.

5. If spotted, approach with caution and offerings of single malt whiskey and/or microbrew.

OEM sucks  |  Shoot stuff really, really far away  |  Cutting-edge ridiculously awesome firearm customizers  |  The Dangerous  |  Advanced Firearm Training Ninjas  |  Patiently awaiting the collapse  |  Take nothing too seriously


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